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I live, work  and travel in a converted 40' Bluebird School Bus.  I have always wanted to work and travel and see this great country we live in.  Now I  have my chance.

Crafting is an interest I have grown up with.  Always making and building things to save money, acquire the things that just didn't exist yet or just for the fun of it.  Technology has advanced the crafter's ability to bring to life what only the imagination could previously see.

Here I will post some of my favorite projects and projects of others I think are noteworthy.  My primary interest is in the marriage of photography, woodworking and electronics.  Many of the projects will be quick and easy for the beginner.  Some intermediate and a few for the "not faint of heart" crafer.  Evening and weekend projects will be great for last minute personalized gift ideas.

Join me as I travel the United States and visit locals and share their favorite craft projects with you.


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